In addition to PERMACULTURE our COUNTRY CLUB connects people with properties, services, and of course… disc golf




Daily: Tours


St. Michael’s Sustainable Community is a working permaculture project that offers the finest examples of sustainability, ethnobotanical plants, utility plants, exotic fruits, aquaponics, living roofs, rain harvesting systems, silvopasture, ornamental plants, and an eco-village. We continue our mission of regenerative agriculture through the money earned by giving tours, classes, our food, and products. Thank you for supporting us!

Email for a tour reservation.

The cost is only $ 35 per person.

Daily: Disc Golf reservations available 7 days a week.

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Disc Golf: The Sustainable Alternative to Ball Golf

The rules are similar to the rules used in the “Golf Club” game. … Each hole begins with an exit, followed by subsequent shots until the players hit the basket. Our club is much more than a regular club, it is a club more in the field. Our course is a place to grow food naturally.

The cost is only $ 25 per person and includes the use of the salt water pools, showers, and community areas.