St. Michael's Sustainable Community

Permaculture in Action

Regenerative Agriculture

The principles of permaculture rule here at St. Michael's. We are creating a vibrant environment for ourselves, our plants and animals.

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Purchase or Rent. Access to the Permaculture Country Club is available.

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Make reservations for tours and disc golf. We also host weddings, corporate retreats, family reunions and private parties.

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4 pillars of Sustainability


Our individually-owned community is a functioning model community to prove that living sustainably is achievable and can be accomplished with less money while proving greater benefits.  Our properties are beyond organic and regenerative in nature.  Every property is planted with a polyculture of edible landscaping, utility plants, and medicinal plants. Our intentional community has made the switch from being consumers to being producers.  It has been good for us, our health, nature, and made financial sense.

St. Michael’s is a model community that was built on Permaculture principals and ethics. Each property in the area has it’s own title. Decisions and care of the property is under the guidance of the owners(s). The eco village is the only shared ownership. Six owners hold shares to the eco village corporation holding the title to the property. The eco villa at St. Michael’s hosts two Earthships with garden roof, homes, regenerative agriculture, a rare hardwood reforestation project, beyond organic gardens on bio swales, and a food forest. The produce of the land is shared equally among the shareholders. There are several types of sustainable construction in the neighborhood.


For a solution to be truly sustainable and good it must have a positive return to the environment and society. At the heart of any design problem is a question: Are we trying to make something less bad or are we really trying to make things better? It’s not about solving for the negative. It is about creating a positive. Mahatma Gandhi once said, “What we are doing to the forests is a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and one another.” Our Club, The Permaculture Country Club is dedicated to building up forest gardens and people through regenerative agriculture.

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