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Can Teas Cure Cancer?

Our signature tea made from the edible landscaping in Saint Michael’s. It contains calyxs from cranberry hibiscus, tulsi basil leaves, lemon grass, and mandarin lemons. Once we add the limes after steeping the mix, it will turn the tea from brown to a translucent ruby color. Cancer Fighting Herbs These organic regenerative  herbs are traditionally taken: to lower blood pressure, reducing blood viscosity (reduction in cholesterol levels), Hibiscus contains flavonoids and anthocyanins, which have antioxidant properties and have been shown to support heart health. Hibiscus tea has also been used traditionally to treat coughing and poor appetite, and it...

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Going for Zero Waste

Could you live without compromising health of cleanliness with out dependence on someone taking away your trash?  There is no away for us.  Is there really an away for anyone on earth.  It is our oceans we are filling up with garbage, it is our air we are polluting, it is our water and earth we are poisoning. Every area in Saint Michael’s has a compost spot.  Outside the kitchens, there are Banana circles.  Our trash here becomes great soil for growing more food. We save the best scraps for the chickens. The buckets of chicken food are left...

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The Secret Workings of Free Energy Farmaponics at Saint Michaels Eco Village

In St. Michaels our main goal is to change the world to live in harmony with nature. We believe nature is not only a place to visit but our home. Regenerative agriculture is a whole term holistic sub-sector practice of organic farming design to build a heal by the living ecosystem in the soil. Regenerative agriculture can feed the world, reverse climate change, increase yields, decrease greenhouse gas emissions, create drought resistant soil, preserve tradition knowledge, nature biodiversity, improve nutrition, restore damaged soils and revitalize local economies. The most important thing that we do, is to do no harm. ...

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